Geosciences Applications

Geo environmental studies

Geoenvironmental studies deals with the geogenic components like rocks, relief, groundwater and geodynamic phenomena. The complex properties of these components affect the quality of environment and the landscape exploitation.

Mapping of Coal Fire Areas

In order to manage effectively the coal fire menace, it is essential to know the exact location and extent of the fire affected areas. Coal fire mapping carried out in the past conducting an airborne campaign in 1989 and using Landsat-5 TM data over Jharia coalfield, Jharkhand , Raniganj coalfield, West Bengal in 2001.

Geotechnical Studies

Satellite data are useful for selection of sites for identification hydroelectric dams. High resolution IKONOS data were used for mapping on 1:5,000 scale in Middle project in Arunachal Pradesh. Detail study was carried out using IKONOS data around dam site with emphasis on shear zone identification.