Water Resources


Reservoir Sedimentation

Reservoirs lose their storage capacity due to sedimentation. Periodic assessment of sedimentation rates is essential to ascertain the current reservoir live storage capacity for efficient and productive management of water resources. Conventionally, assessment of sediment deposition in the reservoir is carried out either by inflow-outflow measurement

Water Resources Assessment

Estimates of Water resources availability of the country is vital in planning of new dams and optimal management of available water resources. Central Water Commission (CWC) estimated Water resources potential of India as 1,869 Billion Cubic Metre (BCM) in 1993.

Pre-Feasibility Studies of Proposed Irrigation Projects

Satellite data would provide wealth of information for preparation of Pre-Feasibility Reports, Feasibility Reports and Detailed Project Reports in the context of Interlinking of Rivers are River Surveys, Reservoir Capacity Assessment, Reservoir Sedimentation, Submergence Area analysis, Rehabilitation & Reconstruction, Link Alignment, Canal