आर एंड डी गतिविधियां - अनुप्रयोग

Sno Title
01 Development of transformative index-based crop insurance solutions using geospatial technologies
02 Bio-energy potential from crop residues
03 Digital Agriculture
04 Village Level Groundwater Resources Assessment & Management (GRAM)
05 Satellite Integrated Landslide Assessment and Alert System (SILAAS)
06 Selection and implementation of an appropriate method for downscaling for actual evapotranspiration product
07 Early warning of flash drought using Evaporative stress in rain-fed and limited irrigation regions with Remote Sensing and Eddy Covariance measurements
08 Digital Soil Mapping
09 Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere Flux Studies
10 LiDAR and Multi-source EO data in the spatial estimation of biomass
11 Near Real Time Flood Inundation Mapping & Flood Hazard Zonation
12 Real-time Operational Spatial Flood Early Warning for the Godavari and the Tapi Rivers
13 Real-time operation during the 2022 floods
14 National Database for Emergency Management (NDEM)
15 Monitoring of Integrated Watershed Management Programmes using Geospatial Technologies
16 Biodiversity Characterization at Community level in India using Earth Observation data
17 Primary Level of Land Use Land Cover Classification using AI/ML
18 Building detection and building footprint extraction using Deep Learning for Indian Cities
19 AI & ML for Urban Water body Monitoring
20 Capacity Estimation of Minor Irrigation Tanks using Drone Survey
21 Development of integrated geospatial techniques for surveillance of pest and diseases in citrus
22 Identification of the best suited spectral Indices, difference/weighted fusion model for burn scar discrimination and automation of burn scar extraction using AI/ML model.
23 Development of model for yield estimation of orange using geospatial techniques
24 Site selection for cage aquaculture in large reservoirs
25 Development of Deep Learning application for Inventory of Horticultural Plantations using High Resolution Datasets
26 Discrimination of Coffee plantation types (Arabica and Robusta) using geospatial technology