Terrestrial Sciences



Hydrological products

Hydrological modeling (Variable Infiltration Capacity Model) framework has been setup at 9min (~16.5km & 13709 grids) grid level for the entire country. Model specific input parameters (Soil, Vegetation, Routing) are prepared for the entire country at 9min grid level . Historical meteorological data has been organized (1951-2013) from various sources and VIC model specific meteorological inputs are prepared.

Indian Soil Datasets

Broad band Snow albedo is an important geophysical parameter for studies related to weather, climate, and hydrometeorology and so on. Snow has the highest albedo in nature and hence has a significant influence on surface energy budget and on Earth's radiative balance.

Land Degradation

Water Bodies consists of all surface water bodies viz. reservoirs, irrigation tanks, lakes, ponds, and rivers / streams. The area under water bodies is dynamic in natures and hence multi-temporal satellite data was used for monitoring. An automated extraction algorithm developed is used for quick processing of satellite data acquired from Resourcesat -1, Resourcesat-2 AWiFS sensors (56m spatial resolution) which enables the generation of water body layer.