Forestry and Environment

Conservation and management of forest cover, biodiversity and wildlife require reliable, regular and updated information about their status and condition in spatial domain. Space-based inputs have immensely contributed towards sustainable management of environmental resources required for maintaining ecological balance, supporting the livelihood of dependent communities and for national development.

Major Highlights

  • Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Forest Cover Monitoring
  • Biodiversity Characterization of Landscape Level
  • Biomass and Carbon Accounting
  • Biosphere and Wildlife Habitats Mapping
  • Eco-sensitive Zonation
  • Forest Fire Detction and Burnt area Assessment

Major Benefits

  • Sustainable Management of Forest Resources
  • Joint Forest Management
  • Biodiversity Conservation and Protection
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Forest Fire Control and Mitigation

Completed Projects

Operational Products / Services

  • Biennial Forest Cover Status (by Forest Survey of India)
  • Automated Annual/Sub-annual Forest Cover Change (currently functional for 8 States)
  • Inputs to Biodiversity Conservation Planning at Landscape Level
  • Forest Type Mapping
  • Indian Forest Fire Response & Assessment System
  • Inputs for Forest Working Plan Preparation & Protected Area Management Planning
  • Wildlife Habitat Evaluation
  • Monitoring of Agriculture Residue Burning using Satellite Data

Research Areas

  • Assessment of Afforestation at Early- Growth Stages
  • Assessment of Carbon Source and Sinks through Eddy Flux Towers and Upscaling to Regional-level sing Remote Sensing
  • Forest Structure and Growth Modeling through Microwave and LiDAR Sensors
  • ForestHealthAssessmentusingHyperspectralSensors
  • Monitoring Forest Phenology and Desiccation
  • InventoryandAssessmentofNon-TimberForestProduce
  • Long-term Ecological Studies




Forestry and Environment